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  • Its 2015, your business needs a modern website for the modern era.

    My business is fine as it is, do I really need a website?.

    Yes! Having a virtual presence on the internet is vital as a modern business. Having a website is the best step towards claiming or maintaining the top spot in your industry. Your website can be the difference between a good year and a GREAT year.

    Picture this: A potential client or customer puts their kids to bed at night. They plop down on their couch, ready for relaxation. They grab their smartphone. They are ready to buy. They google the product or service they're looking for. But you have no website. You aren't even a part of the conversation and they probably won't even know you exist. The next day, once finished with their work, the potential customer is now at your competitors, buying someone elses service or product.

    You just lost a sale because you don't have a website.

    Aren't websites expensive?

    No! Not every business or organization needs a complex, mammoth website. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a great website.

    Do I really need a mobile-friendly site?

    Yes! There was a time when your website was only viewed on a small desktop monitor. Then came laptops. And then larger monitors. Then netbooks. Then smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and smartTvs. You get the idea. Things have changed. And your website has to meet those changes and be ready for the ones to come.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design infographic.