Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

  • Why advertise online?

    Digital, or online, advertising has many advantages over traditional advertising. Newspaper and magazine use has been declining for the past decade. Online advertising allows your company to reach greater numbers of people for any demographic. Digital ads are more cost-effective and allow you to easily measure your advertising progress.
  • Advertising Services Available

    Facebook Ads
    Reach a specific, targeted audience using Facebook advertising.
    Google AdWords
    Reach a generic, wide ranging audience with Google's ad services.
    Bing Advertising
    Advertise on Bings Advertising service
    Twitter Ads
    Advertise to customers directly on their twitter feeds
    Running your own blog is a great way to drive traffic and leads to your website and business.
    Local Newspapers
    If your local newspaper has a website then most likely they allow advertising for small and large businesses.
    Craiglist and others
    Use Craigslist and a host of other sites to expose your business to a whole new group of people

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